All-Prescriber Bulletin: Provider Teams and Patient Lists

All-user-bulletins highlight developments that all physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Provider Teams - Simplified Patient List Management
On the evening of Tuesday, June 30, 2020, an enhanced "Provider Teams" function will be appear in Connect Care. This adds flexibility, simplicity and power to the creation and management of facility patient lists.

Previously, care teams (e.g., inpatient ward and consult services) would need to manually add patients to "Provider Group" lists, which could help track inpatients that a particular team might be accountable for.

The new "Provider Teams" will activate automatically on July 1, with the prior "Provider Group" listings transferred over. Of course, it is wise to confirm that nothing was missed in the cutover.

Going forward, all admitting, transfer and consultation workflows include assignment of patients to the correct inpatient and consulting teams. This is part of the ordering process and is mandatory. Thereafter, clinicians can further adjust Provider Team panels as needed. It's easily done using the care teams activity within a chart (click on the provider name in any chart Storyboard) or by right-clicking on a patient name in any patient list and using "Assign Teams" or "Remove Teams" popup menu options.

Impacts on Connect Care users? Prescribers and trainees will need to select a responsible Provider Team when admitting, consulting or transferring patients. In addition, some admission Order Set personalizations may need to be adjusted.

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