Connect Care Clinical Inquiry Supports - SlicerDicer Use Cases

We participate in clinical inquiry when we ask questions about what we do; and facilitate improvement when we use answers to do better.

Connect Care is, at its core, about inquiry. The vision is to better healthcare with better information. The clinical information system (CIS) supports this with tools enabling clinical data exploration, practice surveillance, hypothesis generation and continuing clinical improvement.

Now over 6 months after the first Connect Care launch, the time has come to expand use of Connect Care's inquiry-support tools. One tool is "SlicerDicer". This allows clinicians to interact with clinical data visualizations while asking and tweaking clinical questions. Examples include:

    Which patients have been exposed to a medication subject to a Health Canada alert?
    Which patients continue to follow assigned care paths?
    Which patients with a particular chronic illness have specific laboratory test results?
    Which patients are following recommended health maintenance guidelines?

We hope all physicians will be able to work with tools like SlicerDicer, including an ability to find and work with patients meeting specific search criteria. Please help us describe the importance of such functionality by offering your own use cases: