Connect Care Optimization Review - Referral Workflows

Last week's optimization theme was about Referral and Consultation workflows. While Connect Care supports closed loop referral, we remain in an interim state as long as some services use Connect Care and others rely on fax, eReferral or other intake processes. 

An optimization clinic (Wednesday Jan 15, 2020) explored the difference between internal and external outpatient referrals. The presentation and demonstration elements were recorded and are available via a protected (AHS userid/password) link:
Participants raised a number of questions. These are addressed in updated online physician supports:
For those prescribers needing more detail, specific tip sheets and details about things like referral use of In-Basket pools, the "Referrals Guides" section of Connect Care learning home dashboards (LHD, all CMIO variants) have a wealth of practical information.

In general, those who refer can optimize workflows by skimming succinct resources in the Manual and Updates. Those participating in incoming referral management may need to avail themselves of additional LHD resources.

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