Wave 1 Post Launch Visits

The Connect Care initiative remains committed to meaningful user support through stabilization, optimization and remediation. Delivering on this commitment requires ongoing direct observation as part of systematic surveillance. Post Launch Visits (PLV) are one form of direct observation.

The first PLVs occured this week, touching over 2000 participants through over 230 hours of meetings, observations and evaluations. The work has been remarkably informative. Key issues are identified, summarized, prioritized and escalated for attention.

Some physician highlights from today's PLV debrief:
  • Need for more training and change-management support for optimal use of CIS navigators to support efficient workflows.
  • Complex transitions (ER <--> OR <--> ICU <--> IP <--> OP) and order management (save, pend, phase of care) require continued work to streamline, simplify and achieve consistent compliance.
  • Time to hyperspace access remains a challenge in high-volume ambulatory settings, needing further remediation for faster access (touch-n-go, thin-client, etc.).
  • Timely laboratory result routing remains a multi-factorial challenge and will continue to receive attention to provider IDs and other correctives.
  • Need for continuing training support to help users understand build released since basic training and workflow hot-spots identified post-launch. 
  • Condense ordersets to show only what is essential and so facilitate faster navigation.
Plans and (near-term) dates are set for addressing these and other issues.

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