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As we return from a short respite, Connect Care reasserts its demands. It may help to draw strength from many astounding accomplishments that will stabilize and spread in the coming year.

Clinical Content - relates to the inquiry, decision and documentation supports designed, built and implemented with Area Council oversight to facilitate effective and efficient workflows:
  • Inpatient decision supports are customized to the needs of different clinical areas with best-practice aids that include 600+ order panels, 310+ order sets, 350+ cancer protocols, 100+ best practice advisories and 600+ ambulatory aids (SmartSets, therapy plans, order panels, order preferences).
  • An innovative StoryBoard reflects specialty needs while adhering to standards for alerts, demographics, care teams and other patient information summarized the same way across the continuum of care.
  • Dashboards (100+), chronic disease registries (5), clinical performance metrics, predictive analytics models and reporting templates are among the many clinical inquiry supports (2000+) activated at launch, with ongoing clinical validation.
  • Active clinical research protocols at launch sites (350+) are supported by Connect Care research information management tools.
  • Progress notes, consult letters, discharge summaries, admission histories, emergency visit reports and other key clinical documentation for inpatient and outpatient sites have consistent formatting and are delivered to community electronic medical records and the Netcare electronic health record.
  • Flowsheets, functional status questionnaires and patient preference surveys are simplified, standardized and integrated to inform patient-centred care, including direct patient interaction through the MyAHS Connect portal. 
  • Provincially normalized catalogues for laboratory tests, medications, procedures, imaging and other interventions are implemented for provincial spread.
Prescriber Adoption - relates to the leadership, engagement, training, personalization and optimization capacity built in physician and trainee user communities:
  • Hundreds of clinical informaticians, including medical informatics leads, power users, super users and physician builders were readied pre-launch and played a definitive role in wave 1 launch success.
  • 3,250+ prescribers (physicians, residents, nurse practitioners, etc.) were trained for Connect Care launch, then supported through stabilization.
  • 2,250+ physician mobile devices were configured for Connect Care mobility, with rapid update of smartphone and tablet interfaces to the point that 1 in 5 logons are via mobile devices.
  • In-system dictation for clinical documentation (Dragon Medical One) enjoyed viral uptake, rapidly overtaking use of provincial transcription services (in a ratio of 25:1).
There are many more accomplishments to celebrate. Most important are the 2020 opportunities made possible by the foothold Connect Care gained in 2019. We will ensure that no-one has been left behind, that users regain and surpass past productivity, and that the Connect Care experience promotes excellence.

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