More Power to Connect Care Users

Building capacity in clinician communities remains a pillar of the Connect Care physician readiness strategy. Capacity grows at many levels. Our training program emphasizes empowerment of end-users, especially to leverage personalizations that can make the clinical information system (CIS) experience efficient, even enjoyable.

We've previously blogged about building capacity at other levels. Physician Super Users, Power Users, Builders, Analysts, Knowledge Leads and Medical Informatics Leads have already proved invaluable to our clinical system design and build efforts. We are benefiting from skilling-up before launch, which is not typical for other CIS implementations.

One option for physicians seeking more advanced information management skills is the Power User pathway. We've facilitated this opportunity for medical informatics leaders embedded in zones and specialty areas. It is exciting to witness how many have taken advantage of excellent course offerings from Epic. 17 Power Users are certified (completed 8 courses), 66 have started the pathway and 58 have at least two courses completed.

Thanks to all who prepare for CIS mastery... to better help the rest of us avoid being enslaved by the CIS!

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