Compensation for Connect Care Physician Training

Training registration emails and scheduling surveys have gone out to almost 2,000 physicians touched by Connect Care's Wave 1 launch later this year. This makes clinician training real and immediate.

A dedicated team of physicians, educators and technical experts have collaborated to develop customized learning pathways for Alberta’s physicians. A mix of in-person, self-directed and case-based modules will take between 8-12 hours to complete, varying with users’ needs. Basic training is as brief as possible, with progress to personalization and optimization contingent upon satisfactory completion of privacy awareness training and a competency assessment.

There are no fees for Connect Care courses, certification, resources or supports. As with other Alberta informatics initiatives, financial compensation is not provided for time lost to training. However, we expect that physicians will receive continuing medical education (CME) credits and be eligible for Alberta Medical Association continuing medical education program funding. Connect Care training resources are invested in building informatics capacity in physician communities. This allows physicians to train physicians, peers to help peers, and builders to express physician needs.

Physician training slots open well in advance of Connect Care launch in each zone, program or facility. Participating physicians are notified by email and encouraged to respond promptly with scheduling preferences. Once training track(s) are assigned, physicians should complete basic training as soon as possible, allowing more time for personalization pre-launch. Effective personalization makes transitions easier.

Physicians can direct questions or concerns to zone medical leaders and their associate chief medical information officer. The following resources can help:

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