Countdown Checklist L8, T-minus 56: Get Ready for Billing

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 8 prescribers readying for launch May 4, 2024...
  • Get Ready for Billing with Connect Care
In getting ready to launch, you have likely heard that Connect Care can do billing. While true, access to full billing management in Connect Care, i.e., Resolute Professional Billing, is limited to the cohort of physicians who have a pre-existing billing arrangement, as well as all nurse practitioners (NPs), once their site launches Connect Care. Most prescribers then will not use Resolute, but can use the "Service Code Capture" activity in Hyperspace to assemble the information needed to support a billing claim.

The table below highlights the difference between billing from within Connect Care (i.e., using Resolute) and using Service Code Capture to submit claims from outside of Connect Care, just like you do now. Contact servicecodecapture@ahs.ca with questions; for NP-specific billing questions, contact Provincial NP Services at prov.npservices@ahs.ca.

Submitting Claims Outside of Connect Care with Service Code Capture (SCC)

Submitting Claims Through Connect Care with Resolute Professional Billing

Available to any prescriber documenting in Connect Care.

Not an option for most prescribers who use Connect Care due to Alberta Health directive. Includes all NPs.

No change to the billing software prescribers or their billers use. No change in who prescribers engage to assist with billing for their services.

The Professional Billing Office (PBO) has full-time billing specialists.

Several Alberta billing software vendors and private billing services have built functionality to support importing of SCC data into their systems.

AHS will send bills to all third-party payers and collect payments.

Payments flow directly to prescribers’ bank accounts.

Any payments billed by AHS are payable to AHS, so there is a delay in payment disbursement.

Prescribers have full control over billing decisions and effort taken to collect payments.

All self-pay patients are billed by AHS and decisions about payment collection are according to AHS Finance policy.