Countdown Checklist L8, T-minus 60: Get Ready for Patient Movement

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 8 prescribers readying for launch May 4, 2024...
  • (Optional) Register for the Patient Movement Fundamentals
Patient movement, or how to move a patient from one location to another using Connect Care as a tool, is cited as one of the most confusing concepts to grasp at launch.

The week of March 11–15 includes 1-hour Patient Movement Fundamentals readiness sessions, offered on three separate days. Each session will cover the same content, including Admission to Long-Term Care/Continuing Care, Offsite Dialysis Appointments, and Leave of Absence to Acute Care with Return. Click the relevant link below to register for a session, or email the Patient Movement team.
Further patient movement resources are linked below.