Chart Correction - Completion of Administrative Revisions on Behalf of Healthcare Providers

As of April 1, 2024, the Alberta Health Services (AHS) Health Information Management (HIM) Chart Correction team will be able to revise some Connect Care clinical documentation errors on behalf of healthcare providers. Previously, providers were prompted via In Basket messages to do this work. The new initiative (see AHS Clinical Documentation Policy and Procedure 1173-01; Section 7.2a) will decrease In Basket and administrative burdens for healthcare providers for 10 categories of revisions:

  • Revise spelling of patient name (e.g., "Shawn" vs. "Shaun" or "Sean")
  • Revise incorrect patient name (e.g., report states "Ralph" but patient’s name is "Zach")
  • Revise left vs. right, and vice versa
  • Revise incorrect ULI 
  • Revise incorrect Out of Province Health Care Number
  • Revise patient age
  • Revise date of:
    • Admission
    • Discharge
    • Deceased
    • Birth

The Chart Correction team will continue to notify the authoring provider, as needed, for other types of errors (e.g., selections within SmartLists).

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