BBHR: Interactive Patient Lists

Building a Better Health Record (BBHR)

As part of our documentation quality improvement initiative, we promote practical ways for clinicians to comply with minimum use norms.

Interactive Patient Lists

The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) includes powerful tools for accessing, personalizing, building and sharing patient lists.

Those working on inpatient ward, consult or service teams can benefit from the creation of one or more personalized lists. Unfortunately, it can be daunting to know which columns (often with many similarly named options to choose from) to line up for a specific clinical need. 

A clinician-led working group has established standards for Patient List design and has used those to produce a growing set of high-performing, validated and clinician-recommended list columns (easy to recognize as descriptors start with "[AHS]"). In addition, a set of 6 patient list templates can help users initiate personal lists with preferred columns.

To start or adapt a "My List" personal list:

  • Use the "Edit List" menu (top left of Patient Lists activity) to pick the "Properties" submenu.
  • Look for a "Copy" button at the bottom left of the "Available Columns" section in the list editor. Click this.
  • Note the list templates with names that start with "++AHS IP MD..." (near the top of the pick-list) and select a template fitting the clinical workflow (e.g., ward rounds, ward consults, emergency consults).
  • Either use the patient list configuration as is, or add/remove columns to personalize. Columns that have descriptors starting with "[AHS]" are preferred.

A number of enhancements respond to user requests:

  • Content - Columns display succinct information that is formatted to comply with AHS standards.
  • Hover - Hovering over columns within patient rows triggers pop-up displays of relevant information.
  • Double-click - Activating a column within a patient row will either open a relevant editing tool within the list or will open the patient chart to a relevant activity.
  • Sorting - This is optimized for clinical use case.
  • Report - Again defaulted to best fit the clinical use case.
A number of Patient Lists resources have been updated: