BBHR: RAPID Rounds Patient List Supports Multidisciplinary Discharge Planning

Building a Better Health Record (BBHR)

As part of our documentation quality improvement initiative, we promote practical ways for clinicians to provide clear and actionable communication at transitions of care.

RAPID Rounds Patient List

"RAPID" (Review, Assess, Plan for Imminent Discharge) Rounds is a CoACT Collaborative Care activity that fosters communication within and between care team members, including patients and families. It facilitates timely coordination of care and decreases overall lengths of stay.

Connect Care provides a number of informational supports for Rapid Rounds, including:

  • Rapid Rounds Patient List - For use during multidisciplinary discharge planning rounds, this allows quick information access and documentation while reviewing a panel of inpatients.
  • Rapid Rounds Report - Provides a compressed summary of discharge planning information together with interactive tools for updating key data and multidisciplinary discharge readiness "traffic lights".
  • Transition Planning Sidebar - For use when a chart is opened to an inpatient encounter, replicating much of the information found in the Rapid Rounds report while speeding access to information best updated during day-to-day care.
Connect Care's patient lists serve as a gateway to inpatient workflows. A uniquely interactive list has been developed to support RAPID Rounds. This exposes information needed for discharge planning while allowing much of it to be updated without leaving the patient list.