BBHR: Bloat Busters #06 - Avoid Superfluous Data

Building a Better Health Record (BBHR)
Bloat Busters #6 - Avoid Superfluous Data

Our Bloat Busters series can help clinicians prevent "note bloat", a digital health record affliction that decreases the signal-to-noise ratio of clinical documentation and frustrates clinical decision-makers. 

It can be difficult to break paper-appropriate habits when going paperless. A number of data elements -- such as patient names, birthdates and identifiers -- are important to insert on physical pages because these can be disrupted. Embedded identifying data helps restore pages to the correct chart and location.

Connect Care notes do not get such benefit from embedded identifiers. Clinical information system notes are digitally anchored. More importantly, any act of printing, copying or otherwise moving information causes headers and footers to be generated with unequivocal patient, encounter and event identifiers. This includes the date and time of documentation and other situating information. 

No need to replicate!

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