BBHR: Bloat Busters - Expose Note Sources

Building a Better Health Record (BBHR)

"Note bloat" is a health record affliction that decreases the signal-to-noise ratio of clinical documentation and frustrates clinical decision-makers. As part of our documentation quality improvement initiative, we promote practical ways for clinicians to promote succinct, clear and actionable charting.

Bloat Busters - Where did a note's content come from?

Clinicians reviewing the clinical documentation of others may not always appreciate who authored the parts used to assemble the note, or how those parts were generated. It can be important to know, for example, that content was facilitated by text automations (e.g., SmartPhrases).  

There is a documentation tool that helps! 

When a documentation object (e.g., progress note) is open for review, look to the top right of the note display to find a hovering option menu with checkboxes for "Hide copied text" and "Hover for details":

Select the "Hover for details" checkbox, position the pointer over a piece of text and note how blocks of text are highlighted with a superimposed descriptor indicating how the text was generated, by whom and when. The personalization icon can be used to have this feature persistently enabled.