Building a Better Health Record (BBHR)

BBHR: Building a Better Health Record

Well into our Connect Care journey, it is time to take stock. 

We've successfully launched hundreds of sites with thousands of users using a powerful clinical information system (CIS) supporting patient care in diverse settings. We've seen widespread adoption of innovations like mobile-access and in-system dictation. 

However, there are early indications that we may have yet to protect ourselves from some of the potential digital health records harms identified pre-launch. Indeed, misuse of the Connect Care CIS could make it more, not less, difficult for us to quickly discover what is important in a patient's experience. 

Earlier this year, Connect Care invested in a documentation quality improvement initiative (DQI) to optimize charting tools, reduce clinicians' CIS work and increase the clinical value of CIS contributions. Starting with this posting, we begin a series of blogs, tips, FAQs and Manual updates highlighting DQI and other opportunities to collectively build a better health record

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