Clinical Inquiry Clinics - Case 1 Prep

We've previously announced a series of "Connect Care Inquiry Clinics" occurring weekly via Zoom (repeated to accommodate participant schedules) with the first clinic facilitated by Rob Hayward on September 15 and 17, 2020:

The clinics by no means cover all that is worth knowing about inquiry support tools. Instead, we take the perspective of a curious clinician; seeking to improve processes and outcomes at the level of individuals or groups. Clinics offer an opportunity to explore practical uses of inquiry tools, while sharing some clinician-friendly tips. 

We will start with a review of features and enhancements in the Reporting Workbench (My Reports) toolkit, including strategies for finding, favouriting and organizing stock reports.  Our first "case" imagines a clinician seeking lists of patients served, their prevalent problems, and possible interventions.

We'll will align new blog postings (look in the informatics, questions and tips channels) and Manual additions to the theme of each clinic.

Participants are encouraged to check the Manual section on Reporting Workbench pre-clinic.