Enterprise Content Services Partner Selected

Managing all the attachments that relate to patient records across the continuum of care is a huge job for Alberta Health Services (AHS). Epic Systems software, a key component of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) will do most of the leg work. Additionally, the CIS needs software to help manage the many non-Epic document sources that matter to a fully integrated health record.

An Enterprise Content Services (ECS) solution helps manage chart objects; and information about the objects (like keywords or creation dates). Once Connect Care goes live, the ECS solution will facilitate tasks like document scanning, categorizing and linking to the right part of a health record. The ECS solution will also consolidate information from multiple document management systems and so optimize workflow, access, management, storage and availability of all the artefacts that can arise during the patient’s health journey across the continuum of care.

AHS has now completed an ECS RFP process, selecting Quanum™ Enterprise Content Solutions (formerly known as ChartMaxx), from Quest Diagnostics™. Quest has extensive experience with Epic Systems, and is a 10-time ‘Best in KLAS’ leader in Document Management and Imaging.

This new ECS application will join the CIS fold and support the Connect Care commitment to “one person, one record, one system”. It will implement alongside other key CIS deliverables.

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