Thank you Connect Care community!


We wanted to send along some words of appreciation and encouragement that we hear on a regular basis from Verna, ELT and our sponsors about the great work we are doing on Connect Care.  It is hard in the middle of everything going on to keep perspective on how far we have come. 

What we are doing is hard.  We are asking people to change what they have done for decades.  We are asking teams to make decisions in a hundredth of the time they are used to.  We are asking Connect Care teams to work at a pace and intensity we are not used to.  We are learning and growing as we do this work.  We are uniting a province in a way we have never done before.  It is not surprising that people are tired or getting snippy. 

Having said that, we have successfully pulled off 4 major conferences in as many months, we have answered over 2,000 questions, we have launched 24 Area Councils and many other work groups, we have established fundamental  or care content that will be used across the province, we have trained hundreds of people in a new tool and had them successfully start to configure it or start developing training materials.  We are helping the organization understand what this means for them, we are working as a team to grapple with any number of important questions.  You did that.  Every one of you should be incredibly proud of the work you are doing. 

We know that measuring progress can be tough on teams.  Know that the leadership in the organization see the progress reporting not as a failure on anyone’s part, but places where we need to provide more support.  There are so many things in play right now, we need to know who needs our support the most to remove roadblocks and help you. 

The organization as a whole is in awe of what you are doing.  We will have good days and bad days, but we are strong as a team, and we will have those together.

We hope you all have some downtime planned this long weekend with family and friends.  Thank you for all you are doing.

Penny, Barb and Rob

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