Connect Care Milestone Acheived

With high-level completion of Scoping, Groundwork, Direction-Setting, Technical Training and much of core Clinical System Design, the Connect Care initiative has substantially passed, on time, all milestones needed before starting build of the Alberta Health Services (AHS) clinical information system (CIS).

Our preparatory work of the last 3 years has proved a big help. As important has been the remarkably fast, adaptive and intense mobilization of Connect Care stakeholders since October 2017 when a contract was signed with Epic Systems, our prime technology partner.

Now begins the next phase of our journey. We will rely more and more on AHS staff trained to build and configure the Alberta foundation system. At the same time, we support our committees and councils as they move even faster to decide about CIS clinical content (decision supports, documentation supports and inquiry supports) to be built and validated over the next 10 months.

Thank you to all who have worked so hard, with so much good-spirited and creative adaptation, to get us ready for the next stage of the Connect Care journey.

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