Provincial Provider Registry Integration Success

The Alberta Provincial Provider Registry holds in one place a definitive list of healthcare providers licensed to practice in Alberta and eligible for access to provincial health information systems. Previously, distinct databases were maintained by Alberta Health (AH) and Alberta Health Services (AHS). AHS registry information was further compartmentalized for provider information management in different clinical information systems (CIS).

The current single registry, used by both AH and AHS, supports the provincial electronic health record (Alberta Netcare). This registry is now also successfully established as the source of truth for the eCLINICIAN AHS CIS. As eCLINICIAN and Connect Care are both based on Epic Systems software, this bodes well for our upcoming Connect Care deployment. We anticipate Connect Care use of provincial registry services for providers, patients and facilities. The registry integration work also relates to patient attachment registry and physician self-serve registry initiatives.

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