Interim Fax Routing - Changing Connect Care Provider Communication Method to Fax

An interim routing solution is now available that may be beneficial for mixed-context providers who have limited, intermittent work in a Connect Care context and do not want all their results and documentation sent to Connect Care In Basket. Mixed-context providers can request their default communication method for results and documentation be changed from Connect Care In Basket to fax, either for all information currently sent to their Connect Care In Basket that can be faxed, or for diagnostic cardiology results only. 

  • This setting change will not reduce duplication of results. By enabling fax redirect, the duplicate Connect Care In Basket result would be sent by fax instead.
  • This setting change is only interim due to system-wide results routing optimizations expected to go into effect in 2024/5.
  • This fax routing solution is not ideal for everyone. It has some downstream impacts such as potential increased workload for administrative staff in community/private clinics. It is recommended that providers consider the information outlined in the comprehensive FAQ prior to requesting the change. 
  • If it turns out that the setting change is not a good fit, providers can request that the change be reversed.

For more details, including how to request this change, see the below resources. The FAQ includes example figures that illustrate how this change might look.