Important Updates for All Connect Care Prescribers (Launches 1-8)

To prepare for most Continuing Care sites and Population and Public Health programs joining the Connect Care family in Launch 8, there have been a number of system updates and new or changed workflows that affect both new and previously launched Connect Care prescribers. 

A new section in the Connect Care Manual flags the largest updates and changes to be aware of: Launch 8 Updates. It includes the following topics, each affecting prescribers from all Connect Care launches:

  • Interfacility Transfer (IFT) workflow changes
  • Results routing changes for inpatient pathology and Continuing Care
  • Referral and immunization workflow changes related to Population and Public Health programs going live
  • Continuing Care/Long-term Care workflow changes

Any additional changes needing attention during the launch support period will be flagged on the Launch 8 Updates page of the Manual, as well as the Connect Care Support Blog channel, our regular channel for posting system updates. Check back often, and consider subscribing to the Support Blog to receive new blog posts directly to your email.