All User Bulletin - Internet Security Certificate Update

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Internet Security Certificate Update - Personal devices may require user action

On October 19 and 20, 2023, AHS IT Identity and Directory Services will renew its Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) certificate servers. This PKI service manages electronic security certificates and unique electronic keys that verify end users, devices, systems and servers throughout AHS and its affiliates. AHS devices and personal devices enrolled in the AHS Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program will not be impacted, but personal devices not enrolled in BYOD may be impacted and require user action.

  • AHS devices and personal devices enrolled in BYOD: No action is required by users if their computer or mobility device is enrolled in BYOD. PKI certificates will be automatically updated.
  • Personal devices not enrolled in BYOD:
    • Android devices: Will not be impacted, with the possible exception of Google Pixel devices. Google Pixel users experiencing issues following the PKI update should call the IT Service Desk (see memo for more details).
    • Windows and Apple devices: May be impacted with this change. Users may see warnings to the effect that a security certificate cannot be verified, and will then need to follow a few simple steps to restore AHS Restrict wireless connectivity following the PKI update (see memo for more details).

For instructions for affected Google Pixel, Window, and Apple device users on what actions may be required on or after the PKI update is completed, see the memo.