Connect Care Satisfaction Survey - Conversation on Findings (UPDATED LINK for Sep 21)

Connect Care prescribers are invited to a conversation about what is working and what to prioritize for improvement in the Connect Care clinical information system.

This conversation will provide an opportunity to discuss the findings of the Connect Care satisfaction survey conducted in February and March 2023 (previously mentioned here), and to hear your thoughts on the actions that are being taken to address your feedback. 

Two sessions are available for this conversation: one jointly hosted by AHS and the AMA, and one hosted by AHS for AHS staff and prescribers. To register/attend, click on the relevant link below. (Please note: Physicians may receive two email invitations, one for each of these sessions - physicians can choose to attend one or both sessions, at their convenience.) 

If you have any questions in advance of the conversation, please email community.engagement@ahs.ca.