Changes to Available DI Results in Patient Portals

What is changing

Beginning March 20, 2023, Albertans will be able to view diagnostic imaging (DI) results immediately upon release by the DI testing provider, through Alberta Health’s MyHealth Records (MHR) in the My Personal Records (MPR) application. This will include DI test results from all sites and locations in Alberta, including most community providers, inpatient, ambulatory and emergency departments. This means that DI results will be available in MPR to patients at the same time they are made available to the ordering provider. 

To align with this change, starting March 20, 2023, DI test results will also be immediately available in MyAHS Connect, for patients who have visited a site using Connect Care and who have access to the MyAHS Connect patient portal. Currently, in MyAHS Connect, DI results are already available to patients, however there is a five-day delay from the time ordering providers receive the results to when those results are released to patients. With this change, the five-day delay will be removed, and results will be immediately available both to patients and the ordering provider. Having access to DI results in both the MyAHS Connect and My Personal Records will improve access and consistency of health information for providers and patients. 

Physicians and other providers will continue to have access to results through their usual delivery channels.

What to do

Given this change, providers may want to consider giving patients more information about the implications of different results at the time of ordering a DI test. 

To provide support and information to all AHS staff and prescribers, AHS is hosting two identical internal webinars on this topic. The Alberta Medical Association and AHS will also be co-hosting a webinar, which will be made available to prescribers both inside AHS and those in the community; a recording of that webinar will be made available after on the AMA website.

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