All User Bulletin - Update: Ultrasound Reports for Referring Providers

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Ultrasound Reports for Referring Providers via Astraia

[This post originally appeared in June, with subsequent updates indicated with strikeout and dark red font below.]

Astraia, a third-party specialized perinatal documentation system that is used in conjunction with Connect Care to provide comprehensive Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) assessment and consultation, provides highly specialized, in-depth MFM ultrasound reporting. Astraia generates detailed ultrasound reports for referring healthcare providers; these reports are available in Connect Care in text-only and full PDF versions:

  • Text-only: The text portion of the ultrasound report contains the consulting MFM physician’s summary, recommendations but does NOT contain the specific ultrasound measurements, anatomical assessments and graphs which includes fetal and maternal assessments. Currently the text-only report does not provide all fetal measurements and assessments. Critical results will be communicated to referring providers via a telephone call and facsimile of the full report. The text-only portion is displayed in Connect Care, and is also faxed to the referring healthcare provider. 
  • Full report: The complete report that includes specific ultrasound measurements, anatomical assessments and graphs is available as a PDF. Referring providers can find the PDF in the Chart Review activity:
    • Click the "Imaging" section. Select the target ultrasound, scroll down below the text to the section entitled "Order-Level Documents", and click on the hyperlink. 
    • Tip: To move the "Order-Level Documents" section to the top of your viewing screen, use the wrench tools on the top-right corner of the report window and drag this section to the top of the list.
    • Note: The complete report PDF can also be found in Netcare (click the diagnostic imaging section and find the target ultrasound report by date).

As of June 7, 2022, all text-only reports issued by Connect Care will contain the following statement to direct healthcare providers to the full PDF report:

This is the text portion (Consultation) of the Maternal Fetal Medicine ultrasound report. At the present time, Connect Care, Millennium, SCM and Impax are unable to accept the graphics portion of the report. For the entire report including graphs, please view this ultrasound report through the Alberta Netcare Portal (for access go to http://www.albertanetcare.ca/) or view through Connect Care by clicking on the Order-Level Documents PDF link found in the section below the imaging text result.”