Rural Cardiogram Scheduled Downtime - Example of secondary system downtimes

Most Connect Care users are familiar with planned Connect Care downtimes that are periodically scheduled to allow for system updates and technology maintenance. Primary downtime procedures for prescribers, including access to backup systems, are described in the Clinician Manual. 

Most clinical information system maintenance, including non-Epic systems integrated with Connect Care, can be scheduled during planned Connect Care downtimes. However, as Connect Care grows throughout Alberta, there may be times when focused secondary downtimes are needed.

Secondary health information systems provide Connect Care with important clinical data through information interfaces. They can be taken offline for short periods without affecting core Connect Care functionality. Examples include medical devices, such as electrocardiogram recorders, that use interface software to upload information that Connect Care incorporates into the patient chart. Such support systems may require periodic maintenance, possibly affecting just one facility or zone. To further the example, the rural interfaces for Holter monitor and electrocardiogram uploads will be down for one hour (20:00-21:00) on August 24, 2021 for scheduled maintenance.

Instructions specific to support system scheduled and unscheduled downtimes are included in Connect Care downtime resources for clinicians.