Physician Wellness and Burnout - Will we be part of the problem, or its solution?

There seems no end in sight to missives about physician burnout... and the culpability of Electronic Health Records (EHR).

We've previously noted that EHR harms experienced south of the border are instructive, but not necessarily predictive. We have opportunity to design Connect Care to avoid micro-documentation, signal degradation and physician disengagement. At least that's our everyday preoccupation!

Dr. Terrence Cascino, past president of the American Academy of Neurology, visits the University of Alberta from the Mayo Clinic on Friday June 28, 2019, when he will contribute to the Dean's Lecture Series from 0800-0900 in Bernard Snell Hall at the Walter Mackenzie Centre in Edmonton. His talk is entitled: Physician Wellness and Burnout. Try to attend!

Our anticipatory reflections might include a new angle on burnout: economic harms. Part of the total cost of ownership of a (sub-optimally deployed) clinical information system?

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