Visible Agency

As we progress with Connect Care configuration and build, then check back with stakeholders through Adoption & Validation, the time has come to transition from vendor-facilitated presentations to AHS-facilitated demonstrations. Happily, our technical specialists and clinical informaticians (including physician leads, physician builders and medical informatics leads) have trained to the point that they can confidently share the emerging clinical information system (CIS) features and workflows with AHS users. Such interactions build confidence and help translate user reactions to sensible re-configuration requirements.

Such AHS Connect Care CIS “agency” will be apparent at Adoption & Validation #2 in August, by which time clinical leads will have access to a new Connect Care simulation and demonstration environment since late July.

A key to Connect Care agency is for physician leaders to master CIS design and function. We are pleased to report that, to date, 54 physician leaders have completed a 1-day Epic overview course, 40 have completed a 3-day course, 18 have completed basic physician builder training, 2 have completed advanced physician builder training and 1 has progressed to advanced competency in Epic analytics. Others are in-training and too many to count have completed self-directed online learning modules.

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