Connect Care Validation & Adoption

Validation & Adoption is one of the major activities occurring during design of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS). Other activities include Groundwork, Direction Setting and Clinical System Design. Where Groundwork helps the Epic team learn about Alberta Health Services (AHS), Direction Setting explores how AHS does its work, Clinical System Design builds the content that helps us work better and Validation & Adoption checks that the emerging CIS will work for AHS. The relationships between design and build activities are summarized in an online presentation: How the system is built.

The purpose of Validation & Adoption is to review, validate and adopt how Direction Setting and other decisions are expressed in the emerging CIS. With the AHS foundation build of Epic Systems 2018 software up and running in Alberta, we can see how certified AHS staff are working with stakeholders to build to our need and purpose. Demonstrations more closely match what we will use, allowing us to see and imagine how Connect Care can be further configured to support our work.

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