AHS Medical Informatics Leads – Opportunity

AHS is seeking applications to fill Medical Informatics Lead (MIL) positions for a number of clinical areas in all AHS zones. A MIL is a well-established physician who advocates for AHS strategic information management initiatives, anticipates impacts on stakeholders, identifies issues, and helps to resolve problems.

Strong clinical leadership is required to promote care transformation with Clinical Information Systems. Indeed, physicians are relied on through all phases of the Connect Care journey; for their knowledge, experience, and ability to mobilize their peers to action. The MIL bridges clinical, professional and technical considerations during CIS implementations. MILs are recruited from clinical areas (sections, programs or departments) and are accountable to the relevant Associate CMIO and clinical area director within an AHS zone. Leadership capacity is more important than technical competence, as medical informatics leads work with key influencers in their clinical communities to promote workflow adaptation to the CIS and CIS adaptation to front-line clinical realities. These positions are supported for 0.2-0.4 FTE and available for immediate placement.

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