AHS CIS Physician Design Leads – Opportunity

AHS is seeking applications to fill a Physician Design (PD) Lead position serving the Connect Care initiative and its AHS Provincial Clinical Information System (CIS). The PD is a critically important, influential, role that will significantly impact CIS design and implementation.

CIS design, build, implementation, operation and optimization will require province-wide organizational transformation.  While an enduring CIS will be designed and configured with a provincial lens, conditions for successful adoption have to be optimized at a local level. It is very important that physician perspectives help guide efforts.

The PD Lead is a medical leadership position within AHS with responsibility and accountability for clinical leadership, care transformation, and implementation strategy. These positions will be 0.5-0.6 FTE, within the AHS ML2 contractor band (compensation negotiable), reporting to the AHS CMIO while working closely with zone associate CMIOs.

The PD Lead will be a well-established physician who can advocate effectively for strategic information management initiatives, anticipate impacts on stakeholders, identify issues, and help resolve problems.

Check out the link for more information and application particulars.

Position description: ahs-cmio.ca/designlead