Soft Security Tokens for AHS CIS & AH Netcare Remote Access

​Alberta Health Services (AHS) staff and affiliate clinicians may be authorized to access Clinical Information System (CIS), Netcare or other health information systems remotely from locations outside AHS network firewalls. This remote access requires two-factor authentication; such that the user 1) knows something (username and password) and has something (a Token or other securely recognized device).  Two-factor authentication reduces the risk of a security breach due to loss or theft of any one piece of information.

Some users requiring frequent or varied remote access find a physical security Token inconvenient; and unavailable when needed. These same users may have a smartphone always available and appreciate use of a "soft token" that works as an application. Replacing a "hard token" with "soft token" technology is fairly straightforward. Follow the link provided and work through the instructions starting on page 14.