e-Health Policy Symposium – Towards Person-Centred Integrated Health in Alberta

Wide-area integrated digital health records crossing the continuum of care are emerging in Alberta and other provinces. Primed by our experience of a province-wide Electronic Health Record (Netcare), we will soon grapple with information sharing implications of an AHS Clinical Information System, where there are no borders between inpatient, outpatient, community and other healthcare contexts. Added to this paradigm change is the prospect of direct patient access through portals and personal health records. While these developments open extraordinary opportunity for improving personal and population health, a shared health record also stretches understandings of patient-provider privilege, professionalism and informational accountability.
The O’Brien Institute for Public Health and the Institute of Health Economics, in collaboration with Alberta Health, are co-hosting an invitational meeting to allow key stakeholders and informants to consider how best to promote information sharing to the advantage of patients, populations and health care.  Provocative presentations set the stage during an open morning session, followed by an invitational afternoon session that considers strategies to enable a seamless flow of health information across the continuum of care.
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   February 14, 2017
Westin Edmonton
10135 100 Street NW
Information & Registration: li.ahs-cmio.ca/symposium