Clinical Improvement Clinician Handbook

​A wealth of clinical informatics information, and Clinical Information System (CIS) specifics, can be found on internal and external AHS websites, SharePoint spaces, and policy and procedure databases. A common lament of busy clinicians is that these materials may not be well suited to their more practical questions or to the kinds of devices they use in diverse workplaces; or may be too technical or detailed.  Accordingly, a “CI Clinician Handbook” supports sharing of brief guides and tips, largely prepared by clinicians for clinicians; as a form of peer-to-peer mentoring and support. The handbook is part of the Clinical Improvement Collaboratory.
CIS public website: ahs-cis.ca/public
CIS AHS Insite: ahs-cis.ca/private
CI Clinician Handbook: handbook.ahs-cis.ca
CI Collaboratory: clinicalimprovement.ca