AHS Provincial CIS RFP Progresses to Second Phase

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has just completed the first stage of its Request For Proposal (RFP) process for an AHS Provincial Clinical Information System (CIS). This proved a complicated logistical and technical process requiring significant coordination. Shortlisted Proponents will be invited to a more in-depth review as part of the second stage of the RFP. This will include a requirement to demonstrate detailed functionality to 250 clinicians, staff and patients in early 2017. A final decision on the successful bid will be made in mid-2017 and will be shared with staff and the public.
The aim of the CIS is to improve patient experiences and the quality and safety of patient care by supporting standardized information management across the continuum of health care.
AHS CIS Facts: ahs-cis.ca/facts
AHS CIS Website: ahs-cis.ca/public
AHS CIS InSite: ahs-cis.ca/private
AHS CIS Queries: provincialcisprogram@ahs.ca