AHS Provincial Clinical Information System (CIS) – Are we ready?

​Now well into the first phase of our effort to select a technology platform for an AHS Provincial CIS, the RFP process is working smoothly and on time. Phase II, with its deep dive into multiple domains of clinical and operational functionality, starts soon. We are firmly on our way to a powerfully integrated cross-continuum, cross-generational and cross-geography CIS.
Although we will know a preferred technology and partner soon, we still have much work ahead to prepare for this partnership. As a business-led initiative, the AHS Provincial CIS will succeed or fail contingent on our capacity to use electronic information and decision supports on the front lines of health care. We’ll develop ways to learn about how to use a particular CIS system.
Additionally, we need to build capacity for “eHealth literacy.” This is less about technology and more about the human, social and cultural awareness required for safe, effective and collaborative practice in a CIS-enabled workplace.
As we start work on eHealth literacy pathways, we are eager to learn more about current experiences with clinical informatics training in the workplace. Please help by completing a very short online survey:
CIS Readiness Survey: ahs-cis.ca/staffsurvey