What is Digital Health?

​Canada Health Infoway now promotes use of the term “digital health,” with a view to reinvigorating conversations with Canadians about positive uses of digital health records.  The concept encompasses efficient clinician access to information supporting better decisions, patient and family access to their own information online, and collaborative maintenance of care plans shared by all members of a patient’s health care team. The intent is a more connected health care system always open to patient participation.
It may be wise to promote more inclusive language, avoiding terms that compartmentalize by institution, health sector, discipline or patient/provider access. Calling for a fresh start to digital health record planning may also be shrewd; given significant negative press (and literature) about adverse effects of large scale electronic medical record initiatives; especially impacts on patient and physician experiences.  Check out the links to explore making the case for Digital Health.
Digital Health description: li.ahs-cmio.ca/dh
Canada Health Infoway: infoway-inforoute.ca