Connect Care Launch 1-6 Sites: WellSky (Transfusion System) Scheduled Outage - May 5-6, 2023

To prepare for Launch 6 of Connect Care, there will be a 10-hour downtime of the WellSky Transfusion Medicine System from Friday May 5 at 19:00 until Saturday May 6 at 05:00. Sites that are already live on WellSky will also require this downtime; the downtime will occur at all sites fully live on Connect Care plus all Connect Care Launch 6 sites, including sites currently in a Transfusion Medicine interim state. 

  • Orders for transfusion medicine testing or blood components/plasma protein products will be affected, at all Connect Care Launch 1-6 sites. 
  • This outage affects only the transfusion functions for Connect Care; Connect Care will be available during the outage. 
  • Please limit non-essential transfusion activity in Epic and follow blood product downtime procedures as needed 
See the linked memos for additional details on the downtime and quick reference of correct transfusion medicine process.