Countdown Checklist L6, T-minus 4: Unburden as Possible

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 6 prescribers readying for launch May 6, 2023...
  • Unburden where and when Possible
Many clinical services have limited abilities to control patient numbers or clinical workloads. However, each Launch 6 zone is implementing strategies to ease launch pressures in ways that befit their units and capabilities. In addition, clinicians can help by:
  • Identifying and flagging complex continuing patients who may need more cutover attention during the pre-launch week (see previous posts on pre-launch cutover tasks here and here). 
  • Printing patient lists the evening before launch to ease populating provider care team lists on launch day.
  • Printing Sunrise Clinical Manager (SCM) handover or draft discharge summary notes where available.
  • Protecting time before launch to confirm access to the Connect Care production environment for re-familiarization with training activities and high-value personalizations.
See our Byte about workload planning for more information.