Countdown Checklist L5, T-minus 43: Get Ready for Clinical Data Conversion

Continuing a list of essential actions for Connect Care Launch 5 prescribers readying for launch November 6, 2022...
  • Anticipate Clinical Data Conversion
Manual Clinical Data Conversion is the process of manually transcribing existing clinical patient information that is required to ensure patient safety or continuity of care into Connect Care, and/or manually reconciling information that was electronically transferred into Connect Care from legacy records. This information may include allergies/adverse reactions, active problem list, past medical history, etc. Ambulatory clinic managers and prescribers collaborate to determine if their area needs to participate in this activity. 

Manual Clinical Data Conversion occurs October 11–November 4. Departments that have decided to participate will have their regulated healthcare professionals manually enter and/or reconcile clinical patient information in Connect Care. If data conversion is not done pre-launch, departments may have regulated healthcare staff enter/reconcile the information during the patient's first appointment after launch. Three essential prescriber actions for Manual Clinical Data Conversion are
  1. Collaborate with ambulatory clinic managers to assess which data elements (if any) must be manually converted into Connect Care. 
  2. Assist with manual clinical data conversion activities as needed. 
  3. Provide quality review of converted data as needed.
For more information on Manual Clinical Data Conversion, see below. Information on Manual Clinical Orders Conversion is in an earlier Checklist post. For information on oncology conversion activities, see the earlier Checklist post.