Mobility Apps Outage - Thursday May 13, 2021, 00:30-04:30

As previously posted, a scheduled upgrade to the Connect Care Mobility apps (Haiku, Canto, Limerick) will occur Thursday May 13, 2021, between 00:30-04:30, in preparation for a general Connect Care upgrade occurring in June. No other Connect Care systems will be affected during this outage, and Hyperspace and other Connect Care systems can be used as usual. 

Users may see an action request to allow the upgrade for each affected mobile device, based on device type. Failure to accept the upgrade will require a manual upgrade before the June Connect Care upgrade in order for the mobility apps to continue interacting with Connect Care servers.

  • iOS, iPadOS and watchOS devices: 
    • Once the mobile app upgrade window begins (00:30 on May 13), iOS devices will get a prompt to upgrade. For devices powered off during the window, iOS devices will receive the prompt to upgrade shortly after power on. 
    • Please accept this prompt to continue to use the Connect Care mobility with the coming June upgrade. 
  • Android devices: Users may need to upgrade the apps manually by re-selecting from the from the Workspace One (vmware airwatch) Catalog.

The PowerMic Mobile dictation application for Dragon Medical One is not affected by these updates. 

In case of difficulties, please contact the AHS Service Desk (1-877-311-4300).

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