Countdown Checklist W3 L-12: Anticipate Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 3 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch April 10, 2021...
  • Anticipate CPOE
Computerized Prescriber (or Physician or Provider) Order Entry (CPOE) refers to the process of a medical prescriber entering orders electronically via a digital health record instead of using paper-based processes. 

CPOE offers an important means by which health processes and outcomes can improve. Entered orders trigger clinical decision supports that can help avoid unsafe medications, promote best practices and improve system performance. Studies show that the move from paper to CPOE decreases common medication errors by 50% or more.

Accordingly, it is a Minimum Use expectation that a
ll tests, interventions and medications that can be ordered in Connect Care must be ordered in Connect Care. Very few exceptions are acceptable.

Connect Care provides tools that make CPOE as easy as possible. Indeed, with the convenience of ordering personalized favourites on any computer or mobile device, anywhere, anytime; ordering is easier to do, and do well, than when constrained by paper. Still, Wave 3 launch will bring significant change for many providers at facilities moving from paper to computerized order entry. This is a good time to anticipate and prepare for CPOE:

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