Countdown Checklist W3 L-15: Know Where to Get Downtime Help

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 3 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch April 10, 2021...
  • Know where to get Downtime Help
The Connect Care clinical information system (CIS) needs periodic maintenance. Scheduled downtimes can happen as often as monthly, usually in the early hours of a Thursday morning (e.g., sometime between 00:30 and 04:30). Downtimes can affect CIS parts (e.g., linked WellSky transfusion system) and/or the entire digital health record. Details about affected sub-systems are posted in advance of a planned downtime.

Obviously, clinicians need to continue to work, even at odd hours. Accordingly, a variety of backup systems ensure that things like test results, order sets, documentation and other key tools remain accessible.

Most clinicians rarely, if ever, experience a downtime. The key is to know where to find just-in-time information and support.

The Connect Care Manual is hosted on separate servers not affected by AHS infrastructure, and so remains available during downtimes. In preparation for launch, check out the following links and form an impression of what the Manual covers, and how to check the working status of Connect Care systems:

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