All User Bulletin - Fall Back (Nov 1 at 02:00)

All-user-bulletins highlight stumbling blocks that all physicians need to be aware of when using the Connect Care clinical information system.

Daylight Savings Time Ends 🕑 Fall Back
On November 1, 2020, clocks turn back 1 hour at 02:00 to become 01:00 when Daylight Savings Time (DST) ends.

While ambulatory care is little affected by what happens in the early hours of the morning on a weekend, emergent, inpatient, surgical and critical care can be sensitive to the loss or gain of time. 

Falling back poses unique challenges. For example, whether a change in blood glucose occurs over an hour, or a minute, can affect insulin protocols. With a clinical information system in play, time distortions impact medication administration records, clinical decision supports, and other digital details, especially if interfaced devices handle DST differently. 

Accordingly, a safe approach to the end of DST is to schedule a downtime. This will start at 01:50 in the early morning of Sunday, November 1, 2020. The downtime will end at approximately 03:00. Be sure to sign off all Hyperspace and Mobility sessions prior to 01:50 on November 1, 2020.

The DST downtime takes the place of the scheduled downtime that would have otherwise occurred on November 12.

PRDSRO and BCA Web North services, as well as Netcare, are expected to be available during the outage. Netcare, however, will not have results normally received from Connect Care. SRO is the best way to check for the latest results.

The Physician Manual lists key considerations:

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