Countdown Checklist W3 L-40: Complete and Close Legacy Charts

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 3 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch April 10, 2021...
  • Complete and close legacy charts
Incomplete charts at Wave 3 sites need physician attention pre-launch. Moving to a new clinical information system (CIS) is hard if pre-existing records are not tidied up.

Physicians must attend to ALL incomplete Wave 3 AHS health records by April 9, 2021. This includes outstanding dictations and signatures for inpatient and day surgery health records, not just those that are overdue.

After 05:00 on April 10, 2021, records will be completed through the Connect Care CIS rather than external dictation or eScription. Any outstanding incomplete records that exist at cutover will not be transitioned into Connect Care. Any incomplete health records on inpatients discharged on/after April 10, 2021 will be completed in Connect Care.

Physicians can contact Health Records at the Wave 3 sites Monday to Friday 07:45-16:00 to obtain a list of incomplete charts requiring attention.   

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