Countdown Checklist W2 L-39: Register for UserWeb Access

Continuing a list of essential actions for Wave 2 physicians readying for Connect Care Launch Oct 24, 2020...
  • Register for UserWeb Access
While Epic Systems software is but one part of the Connect Care clinical information system (CIS), it provides essential database, integration, and all user interface functions. 

Understanding the Epic ecosystem can make a big difference to CIS users who want to take full advantage of the Connect Care offering. A wealth of user support resources and user-to-user assistance is available through Epic's "UserWeb". 

Connect Care Manual and Updates postings may reference UserWeb resources, which users are not able to see until they register for a UserWeb account.  Getting Epic UserWeb access is a good pre-launch task, even though it may take a while before new users find themselves following links to UserWeb assets.

The UserWeb is available to all Connect Care users, but requires registration for an access account (be sure to use AHS email when registering):

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