Countdown Checklist W3 L-74: Bookmark Manual and Updates

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 3 physicians facing Connect Care Launch April 10, 2021...
A Connect Care Physician Manual is available for desktop, tablet and smartphone use. The Manual summarizes essential clinical information system (CIS) information for prescribers. We keep it brief, in the spirit of clinicians helping clinicians. Details are exposed through links to Connect Care guides, tip-sheets and training materials. Bookmark "manual.connect-care.ca".

The Connect Care Physician Blogs are also worth bookmarking. Instructions for subscribing appear on all blog pages. The blogs include a general interest channel (default, "blogs.connect-care.ca") with news and updates. Other channels include:
Bookmark "blogs.connect-care.ca" and consider subscribing to one or more channels.

It can be really useful to access the Manual and blogs on a smartphone, for easy reference when working with Connect Care. 

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