Countdown Checklist L-23

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 23 days from now...
  • Complete InfoCare Privacy Awareness Training
This one applies to everyone. No escape. Every physician must complete an online self-directed eLearning module entitled "InfoCare - On our Best Behavior". This solidifies understanding about responsible behaviors when working with personal health information. 

All prescribers must complete the module. Completion is demonstrated in a final section where commitment to privacy protection is affirmed with a series of statements. Access to Connect Care is not possible without InfoCare completion. Physician AHS privileges are contingent. 

Log on to MyLearningLink.ahs.ca with your AHS username and password. Search the available courses using "InfoCare". Anticipate spending about 20 minutes.

Get in touch with ConnectCare.PhysicianTraining@ahs.ca if you have difficultly getting credit for course completion. Macintosh users: save time by checking our tip sheet first.

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