Countdown Checklist L-21

Continuing our list of essential actions for Wave 1 physicians facing Connect Care Launch 21 days from now...
  • Ensure that you have online REMOTE ACCESS
Just 3 weeks to go!

Remote access refers to any use of the clinical information system (CIS) outside of Alberta Health Services (AHS) networks ("intranet"). Will you need this? Some physicians rarely work out-of-AHS. Some will find  remote access through mobility (Haiku, Canto) good enough for results review, communicating, ordering, billing and simple documentation. But many physicians will need full Hyperspace externally. A security FOB is required, as explained in the Connect Care Physician Manual. Existing Netcare FOBs are automatically set up for Connect Care and require no new action. For physicians needing remote Hyperspace, but do not currently have a FOB, apply now (note - must do this from within AHS):
Physicians in Wave 1 are authorized for remote access by Zone Medical Affairs, who should be contacted for support (MedicalAffairs.EdmontonZone-PhysicianResources@ahs.ca).

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  1. We have identified 640 Wave 1 physicians without FOBs (hard or soft tokens). All will receive an email shortly informing them about how to complete the application process and get a soft token should they want this.


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